Work Groups

Work within the student council is diverted to several work groups which are responsible for different tasks.

If you want to participate in a work group, just write an e-mail or come to our regular monday meetings.

International Topics Work Group (Auslands-AG)

Do you plan to study abroad? You are not alone and we are trying to help! Many think about it but do not know how to integrate it into their ongoing studies. That is why we created the International Topics Work Group (Auslands-AG). Together with the International Office and our faculty, we try to improve the situation for us students.

Contact: Oliver Breidenich

Teaching Work Group (AG-Lehre)

This work group works on all teaching-related topics. This usually implies participation in the commission for studies and teaching. We prepare for the meetings and represent us students to improve teaching.

Contact: Joshua Derbitz Mail:

Graduation Ball Work Group (Ball-AG)

The Graduation Ball Work Group (Ball-AG) organizes the Graduation Ball. Its main task is to find a proper location.

The Graduation Ball was introduced by this work group itself. We thought that such an event was missing before. It strengthens bounds within the faculty and has a positive effect on how we are seen by others.

Contact: Jan Fartaczek

Print Shop (Druckerei)

The Student Council has its own print shop. Therefore, we, the students of our faculty, are able to print for our own demand with low-cost. For example, we print our newsletter the BITS, lecture notes or collections of former written exams. Furthermore, we own a Risograph and a sorting machine to print with the least possible effort.

Contact: Alfred Hülkenberg

Freshman Introduction Working Group (Erstsemester-AG)

The Freshmen Introduction Working Group trys to make starting student life at RWTH Aachen University as easy as possible. We organize a lot of events in the first couple of weeks of the winter semester, such as an introduction lecture, projects at our instituts, a city rallye and introduction groups for the first week at RWTH. If you are new at our university: Make sure to check it out. In addition, we organize a trip to the Eifel region during autumn where we stay in a group house with bonfire and everything, so the Freshmen get a chance to get to know each other. Furthermore, later in winter there is our traiditional Glühwein-Evening-get-together. The working group meets on tuesdays on 7 pm. Contact: Jana Bergr Mail:

Associated Posts

PR Working Group (PR-AG)

Okay, so, do you know what the Fachschaft is? No, like honestly? You're not alone. That's why we try to make the Fachschaft's work more transparent and tangible. We seek to find and improve ways of communicating with you. Therefore, we constantly maintain our website, write our newsletter, the BITS, post events on Facebook and so on.

Our work is supposed to help you understand what Fachschaft means and how it can help you in your study. We aim at establishing a vivid communication between students and your Fachschaft and maybe awake your interest to join us 😉

Contact: Nils Barkawitz

Business Administration and Engineering Work Group (WirtIng-AG)

The Business Administration and Engineering Work Group is your first contact for all topics concerning the Business Administration and Engineering program of our faculty. On top of that, we try to improve exam regulations and the overall Buisness Administration course's structure.

There is also a mailing list, which we use to inform you about the latest developements. If you are not already on it, you can put yourself up: here

Contact: Hannah Kohl


EESTEC is an organization of students from all over Europe. Our goal is to enhance international contacts, get to know one another and share ideas. Local groups (like us, the Aachen group) organize student exchanges as well as workshops and other events.

Main events of the Aachen group are an annual exchange with the polytechnical university of Saint Petersburg and an annual „Niko“-Meeting where internationals participants of EESTEC from all over Europe assemble in Aachen. (Niko is short for the German St. Nicholas Day, which is a huge christmas related holiday in Germany.) But there are a lot of other trips you can particpate in. You don't have to join a club or anything. Any student of the faculty of electrical engineering can take part.

Wanna know more? Visit or Or just come along on our weekly meetings on tuesdays at 9.30 pm at the Fachschaft in Kármánstraße 9.

Contact: Fabian Janoth

IT Admin Work Group (Admin-AG)

The IT Admin Work Group manages the whole IT of the Student Council, the Print Shop and the ELAB.

You enjoy working on exciting IT Projects? You're interested in systems and networks administration or you like to code? Then you really should come and join us! We look forward to gaining support from experienced admins as well as newbies who are willing to learn.

There is much to be done and everybody can decide freely what issues to work on, critical decisions will be made with the whole team.

Contact: Philipp Hübner