EESTEC is an organization of students from all over Europe. Our goal is to enhance international contacts, get to know one another and share ideas. Local groups (like us, the Aachen group) organize student exchanges as well as workshops and other events.

Main events of the Aachen group are an annual exchange with the polytechnical university of Saint Petersburg and an annual „Niko“-Meeting where internationals participants of EESTEC from all over Europe assemble in Aachen. (Niko is short for the German St. Nicholas Day, which is a huge christmas related holiday in Germany.) But there are a lot of other trips you can particpate in. You don’t have to join a club or anything. Any student of the faculty of electrical engineering can take part.

Wanna know more? Visit or Or just come along on our weekly meetings on tuesdays at 9.30 pm at the Fachschaft in Kármánstraße 9.

Contact: Fabian Janoth