Glühwein Evening

Glühwein Evening is an annual event at the beginning of November. All first semester students meet after their first weeks at university to share their experiences and have a cup of Glühwein.

The event is located at Lousberg where you can enjoy a nice panoramic view over the city.

Don't forget to bring you own cup.

Plenary Assembly

The plenary assembly is held once per semester.

The agenda:

  • Presentation of the Student Council's work
  • Animieren, an der Studentischen Selbstverwaltung teilzunehmen
  • Presentation of spendings
  • Election of a new Student Council

The plenary assembly is THE opportunity to get involved with the students council.

During this event, there are no lectures or exercises held.

Graduation Dance

Since 2005 the students council organizes the Graduation Ball at the end of the “Tag der Eletrotechnik und Informationstechnik”

It has grown over the years and has become an integral part of it.

The last locations were:

  • 2014: Schloss Rahe
  • 2013: Lenné Pavillon
  • 2012: Schloss Rahe
  • 2011: Lenné Pavillon
  • 2010: Hotel Novotel
  • 2009: Mensa Vita
  • 2008: Lenné Pavillon
  • 2007: Erholungsgesellschaft
  • 2006: Ballsaal im alten Kurhaus
  • 2005: Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Aachen (KHG)


The Unicup is an annual ice hockey tournament where the faculty of medicine, our faculty of electrical engineering and the faculty of mechanical engineering compete against each other. Afterwards there is a great party in the Starfish – a big club.


Each faculty has three teams: professors, male and female students. Each team competes against its equivalent competitors from the other faculties. At the end, all scores are summed up and the winner is honored.


Tickets are sold out very quickly. It is recommended to buy one as they become available. You can buy one at the students council, at the AStA or at the Hochschulsportzentrum.

More information on our team, the mighty ET-Lions, can be found here .