Committee Work

Faculty Council

Faculties of German Universities are quite unique for they may decide most things related to them themselves. Decisions are made based on a lot of discussion between the four groups: professors, academic staff, non-academic staff and (of course) the students. The Faculty Council is the highest council of the faculty.

Examination Board

The Examination Bord of Electrical Engineering (EB) concerns itself with all topics that are directly or indirectly related to examinations and examination procedurs. Additionally, they discuss and propose changes in the exmanition regulations. Prof. Rossmann is the current chairman of the EB for the Electrical Engineers. The Business Administration and Engineering students have their own EB, with Prof. Brettel as the chairman.
If you have complaints about an exam or want to change the course of your programme you may file a motion to the corresponding board. If you feel unsure about this, consult us first, we are glad to answer your questions about the procedure.

Find more information here.


Teaching and Learning Committee

As the name implies this committee talks about all topics related to our course of studies and education topics for our faculty in general. Details and changes of the course of studies as well as the examination regulations are discussed here and proposed to the Faculty Council.

Committee for Quality Improvement in Education

Tuition fees are not a German thing. We tried this once and decided it didn’t work for us. The ministery of education has abolished the fees in 2012. Since then the universities receives a compensation payment from the state. Why, you ask? Well the univeristy doesn’t get a lot of money from the state in the first place and a lot of measures to guarantuee a good education which were formerly payed from tuition fees would have had to be cancelled.

There are committees in the Faculty as well as on the level of the university to make sure the money is well spent. Fun Fact: This is the only Committee where students (by law) have the majority of the votes. Way to go.

What does the Faculty spend the money on? Well, send us an email and we can give you more information on this.


Committee for Development and Financial Affairs

This Committee handels the current and the future strategic focus of our Faculty in all financial and structural aspects.

Evaluation Committee

If you have already taken a lecutre at RWTH, you may have been asked to fill out an evaluation form. Professors are mostly very keen on getting to know what they could improve about there lectures or what people liked about their lecture. Make sure to use this chance. Be blunt, but fair. The Evaluation Committee reviews the results of all lectures and tries to compile means of improvement and hands these to the Committee of Teaching in Learning.

University-wide Committees

Committees like the ones described above exist not only within our faculty but there are quite a few of them, that act on a university-wide scale.
An improtant distinction for the students is the difference of student self-administration and academic self-administration.
The student self-administration consists mainly of the student parliament and the General Student Council (AStA). This is where the students discuss matters that concern them as a group. A huge topic being for example the semester ticket.
The academic self-adminstration is usually devided into Committees and Workings Groups of the Academic Senate and the Rectorate.

More information on this (rather complex) topic can be found on the AStA’s website.
In depth information may be found in the “Manual of University Politics” in the “Publications” section (Unfortunately only in German, sorry!).