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We, the students council, represent all students of “Fachbereich 6”.
We are students like you – and you are welcome to join us!

We participate in all important councils and commissions of the faculty and act as a connection between students and professors. The improvement of our studying situation is very important to us. By contributing to the general conditions such as the examination regulations or the exam dates we try to influence the studies in a positive way. That also makes us your student contact for questions.

We help you with your problems or find you the right contact. Also, we organize or support events that benefit us students like the Unicup or the graduation ceremony. If there is time left, we support you by printing lecture notes and oral exam protocols.

You like to support or join us? That’s great! Just come and visit us.

This is us:

Aaron Blume

Alfred Hülkenberg

Anne Stockmann

Carola Cieslak

Carolin Meyer

Christiane Rahe

Christopher Durand

Dennis Hübner

Dominik Kubon

Dominik Lüttgens

Erik Röcher

Erkan Yilmaz

Felix Liwerski

Hannah Kohl

Jan Fartaczek

Jonas Meier

Josef Mansour

Josef Müller

Justus Schwarzott

Kapilan Thavarasa

Karin Loh

Lara Dammers

Laura Witzenhausen

Lea Riebesel

Lucas Mösch

Marc Leuffen

Maria Meyer

Markus Ohlischläger

Martin Ries

Max Bode

Nils Barkawitz

Okan Yilmaz

Philipp Hübner

Tenny Benckendorff

Thomas Maintz

Tobias Hänel

Vadim Unterberg

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