High School Students

This page is intended for high school students that are interested in studying at our faculty at RWTH Aachen University.

What is Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering?

The field of Electrical Engineering basically contains the research, development and production of any electrical object. This includes power plants and communication networks as well as micro sensors and robots.

What is Business Administration and Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering?

This field of study deals with Electrical Power Engineering as well as Business Administration.

In the technical subjects you will learn the basics of general electrical engineering and more specific knowledge about energy generation and distribution. Parallel in the economic subjects you study Business Administration and the basic market principles.

Haltestelle Technische Hochschule

What is the difference between a University and a University of Applied Science?

A course at a University like the RWTH is focused on theoretical and scientific aspects while Universities of Applied Science are far more practical oriented. In addition, teaching and learning are organized differently. At a university you will have to show a lot self-initiative as for example you do not have to attend most of the lectures. You will definitely have to find the motivation to study on your own.

Why study in Aachen?

Nationally and internationally the RWTH Aachen University has a good reputation. It is part of the German excellence initiative and the IDEA League (a cooperation between leading technical universities in Europe). In Rankings the RWTH steadily takes top positions.
As a graduate you will have optimal conditions for your career start and can easily find an interesting position. On the other hand this also means it might take more to graduate here than at some other universities.

What knowledge and skills should I have before starting to study?

First and foremost you need enjoy Math and Physics. No less important is that you need to be able to deal with a high level of frustration. Good marks in school may come in handy. Programming skills make your first term easier, but are not necessary.

We also recommend to attend the preparation course in Math in which you will not only refresh you math knowledge, but also get to know many of your future fellow students.

How are the courses organized?

In the first four terms you will learn the basics. As an electrical engineering student you can choose between four fields of specialization. These are

  • Energy Engineering
  • Information- and Communication Technology
  • Computer Engineering
  • Micro- and Nanoelectronics

Business Administration and Engineering students always specialize in Energy Engineering.

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