Timetable guided tours

Dear Studis,
Thank you for attending yesterday’s Focus Information Day.
Enclosed is the list of the guided tours of the institute with the respective dates.
Please note that there are only very few places left at the following chairs.
IWE2 (30.01 14h Walter-Schottky building)
ISEA(30.01 10h or Hüttenstraße or 13:30 Jägerstraße)
ACS(24.01 10:30 EONERC)
IAEW(24.01 15:30 Schinkelstraße 6)

Please register by email at Dennis.Huebner@fset.rwth-aachen.de and wait for the confirmation.

All other dates will follow now (These tours are all full)
IAS(30.01 14 Uhr Kopernikusstraße 16 2.OG Room 231)
IEM(23.01 14:30 Schinkelstraße 4)
IHF(31.01 14 h MelatenerStraße 25 in the foyer)
IKS&IENT(28.01 16:30 Am IKS (Muffeter Weg 3a)
MMI(24.01. 11 am Ahornstraße 55 (meeting in the laboratory next to AH-II))
LFB(31.01 16 h ICT Cubes)
Medit (28.01 15 hrs Pauwelstraße)
CST (24.01 14h Otto-Blumenthal-Straße 4 Central Laboratory for Technology)
IPH (23.01 14h00 Sommerfeldstraße 18)
ITA(31.01 14 hrs Kopernikusstraße 5)
ICE(24.01 13:30 Room 431 4th floor Kopernikusstraße 16)
ISEA(30.01 10am Jägerstraße)

If you have any questions, please contact the student council. Please note that due to technical difficulties we can only reply to emails sent to fset@rwth-aachen.de to a limited extent.

Many greetings

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